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For the present moment Scandinavian style is one of the most popular in the countryside housebuilding. There are typical forms and tendencies in architectural projects all over the world. This style gained the greatest distribution in its motherland - in Scandinavia. Since ancient times, local inhabitants have learned how to create cozy and comfy spirit among themselves and their families in spite of the cold climate. The words “hugge” and “lagom” that are now international gradually became introduced into our lives as well. It’s understandable - after all, the will to develop warm atmosphere of love and care, to spend time together with friends and family is peculiar not only for Scandinavians, but for us all.

We set our business in 2008 beginning with the construction of houses in the tradition of Scandinavian chalets. Generally, these were one- and one-and-a-half storey buildings. On the configuration small and comfortable rooms were harmonised with large and luminous kitchen-slash-living room. A kitchen-living room takes a special place in the concept of the style. Herein a family spends the major part of time, that’s why this place should be convenient and spacious and at the same time warm and full of light in the bad weather. Filling the space with light and air is a typical feature of Scandinavian design. Based on natural materials, soothing colour palette and great amount of light, Scandinavian style itself expresses the harmony between human being and nature.

Скандинавская классика

Even if the houses in that style were in good demand, since 2016 the company had decided  to shift the development growth towards more progressive architectural forms and trends.

The reason why did that happen is because we have gathered plenty of ideas and developments that we wanted to bring into life and it would be difficult to achieve within the frames of a classic Scandinavian concept.

We attempted to broaden the frames of the style, preserving the simplicity and accuracy of the exterior forms in combination with the rationality and comfort of the interior space.

For the present moment we have built above 150 houses in different districts of the Leningrad region, Saint-Petersburg.

Probably, now it’s impossible to determine the style in which we’re working. Minimalism, constructivism and or high-tech. However, even following these directions we are trying to get away from standards and introduce our own vision of the style in each project.

Why? Just because we are interested in that way.

We love to experiment with texture and colour. To invent new forms. To bring them into reality. To model the interior space using the concepts of simplicity, logic and convenience. To surround it with the relevant aesthetics of landscaping, creating the harmonious environment for a comfortable suburban life.


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Enter your dream home... What do you want it to be? Imagine a space filled with light. Where the accuracy and laconicism of the external form is combined with proportionality and coziness inside. Where the beauty of nature and the outdoors is always with you. Where each item is in its place and there are no unnecessary details. Where you feel warm and comfortable, relaxed and full of energy...

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