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We like to experiment with texture and color, inventing new shapes and transforming them into reality. Modeling the interior space based on the principles of minimalism, logic and convenience. To surround it with stylish landscaping solutions, creating a harmonious environment for comfortable life.

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Architectural project

We will develop an architectural and planning solution based on your wishes

All stages of construction

We perform the whole cycle of services - your dream will become a reality

Sale kit houses

The ability to build a modern home of our design, if you live in any region of Russia or the CIS

Furniture design

We like to create beautiful and stylish things

kit houses

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you build in other regions?"

We work in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, and for other regions of Russia we have developed a line of house kits. For more details see the section «Kit houses».

"What materials do you use in construction?"

In the supporting structures we use LVL-bar, as well as glued laminated lumber, manufactured in factory conditions on high-precision equipment. Wooden panels and lamellas made according to our individual dimensions are used for finishing.

"What does 'All stages of construction' mean?"

We mean the whole range of services - from land preparation and pouring the foundation to finishing decoration, and if necessary - furniture.

"Is the cost of the project listed with the land?"

Only in the section "For sale"  the cost of the project includes the land (in St. Petersburg), as well as furniture and all things in the photo.

"Is furniture included in the price?"

In the «Projects» section, the price is listed with full finish, but without furniture and plot. There you will also find detailed equipment of each house.

"Is it possible to build a house without finishing?"

Yes, we have three stages of building, for more information "Building" page.

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