In Saint-Petersurg

Building houses


Three-stage construction

Stage 1

Warm contour with full exterior finish

Base - reinforced concrete monolithic slab on the carpet. Preparation for the establishment of communications in the house.
Power frame (dry planed beam and board, all sections are determined by the project)
Trussing system (dry planed board/ LVL timber, all sections are determined by the project)
Windows - Alutech panoramic systems, VEKA metal-plastic profile, wooden profile for saunas.
External finishing of walls - primed and painted dry planed lamellas of coniferous species, larch.
Roofing - metal or asphalt shingles.
Warming of external walls and roof, hydro-windproofing, vapor barrier.
Rainwater system.
Stage 2

Pre-finishing, engineering preparations

Included all from Stage 1 + :
Interior partitions (dry planed beam and board, all sections are determined by the project)
Interfloor floors (dry planed beam and board, all sections are determined by the project), pre-finished flooring - plywood.
Water - distribution of water supply systems in the house according the project.
Sewer - laying sewer pipes.
Electric - laying of all electrical utilities, installation of switchboards, without the installation of lighting devices, sockets and switches.
Laying of insulation under the screed on the board polystyrene foam 150 mm.
Heating - laying of underfloor heating pipes, installation of manifold nodes, installation of boiler equipment, boiler room arrangement, filling of half-dry screed.
Ventilation - installation of point supply and exhaust recuperation systems.
Stage 3

Finishing according to design project

Included all from Stage 1, 2 + :
Finishing walls and floor in accordance with the design project.
Installation of doors.
Installation of stretch ceilings.
Installation of lighting devices, sockets and switches.
Installation of all sanitary fittings in bathrooms - mixers, shower systems, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, countertops, shower enclosures.
Installation of a fireplace stove in the living room and electric stove in the sauna. Chimney installation.


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